Monday, September 30, 2013

Life has been so busy

So it had been a bit since we updated the good ol'blog.

School started for me and this has to be the hardest semester of school I have ever experienced. I have five classes, six if you include institute, and I  alway doing homework or taking tests or just plain at school. It is all good though because I know eventually I will finish it and be proud of myself. 

Brandon got cast into A Christmas Carol as Bob Crachit and I am so proud of him. He gets to pretend to be dad for a bit. 

I am starting Shaytober tomorrow. It is an intense one month all out fitness and health month. Shaycarl, the Youtuber, is challenging anyone who wants to to set some goals and lose weight this month and I am going to do it. It won't be easy but I really want to kick start fitness so that next fall I can run a 5k or half marathon( though with my ankles I may only ever be able to do a 5k). 

Our lives are just always running us here and there but I look forward this weekend to General Conference. I need some guidance and this is just what I needed to give myself some much needed umpf spiritually. 

A healthy mind, body and spirit are important. :) 

Love you all,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pacific Rim

We both LOVED Pacific Rim. The best way to describe it is the ultimate monster movie.

We felt like children again, watching something amazing like Star Wars for the first time. The effects were among the best ones in modern times. The sound was overwhelmingly good. The story, although simple, was awesome, touching, and awesome.

We went to the movie in IMAX. By extension, we also saw it in 3D, since IMAX did not have any other options for us. The IMAX experience is the ultimate film-viewing setting, but the 3D was horrible. This led me to make most of my video review a rant against 3D movies.

In any case, Ada found the IMAX experience overwhelming anyway, so it will be a while before we both go see anything in IMAX again.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Vacation

Hello Everyone, 
We just returned from our interesting roadtrip. It was one of the few times Brandon has been able to get off work for a weekend and we spent it going up to visit both sides of our family. 

First we stopped at
(For those who are curious, a thunderegg is a specific type of rock that is eggish in shape and has crystals on the inside) -Trip time: 6 hours 30 minutes
My Uncle John and his lovely wife, my Aunt Suzanne, let us come up to visit on my uncles birthday. My Uncle Buddy was also up there. Brandon got to drink with my uncles (don't worry he had Dr. Pepper) and my aunt and I got to catch up. She is really such a doll and one of my favorite people on this Earth. 

We got to visit the Thunderegg days festival and picked up a few nick nacks. Brandon got himself a deep fried oreo. Afterwards, we drove from Nyssa to Blackfoot Idaho. -Trip time 5+ hours due to stops
Brandon got to spend some time shooting off fireworks with his Uncle Ty and we visited his Grandma Anderson who had all these adorable puppies running about. 

On Sunday morning Brandon and I spent time with his Great Grandpa Tyler who shared with us all these tall tales about Paul Bunnion, Reno and sang us the "sweetest" lulluby. Then we headed back home to Heber City -Trip time 4 hours

-Grand Total: 15+ hours driving

Overall the trip had some really big highlights and I am glad we took the time to go up there. 

Ada B. B. A

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Monsters and Fireworks! Panic!

Hello everyone!

So this week Brandon's family was out here so we went to see his parents and siblings on Monday. We went to lunch with Rebecca, Dale and Jack since Jeff has an office here and was working. Afterwards we went to go see Monsters University again with his siblings. It was still just as fun to watch the second time. Art is my absolute favorite! 

And then I was working on my paperwork for financial aid when I realized I needed some things that we did not have. I went into panic mode because I need to get my financial aid stuff done ASAP. I know UVU's financial aid office and they take awhile to process things so I was really worried. 

However, everything came through in two days. I know that is just a miracle from God because there is no way that would have worked out without his help.

Next there was the 4th of July. Now we were not going to get fireworks this year mostly because of the cost and stuff and we are on a really tight budget right now. However, I totally caved because Brandon wanted them so much so we ended up getting some and my dad pitched in and bought the grand finale fireworks so we lit them off with my brothers. Other than that we don't really do anything super special for the 4th but I did make some wicked awesome enchiladas (though they were really more like a casserole).

And now we are just preparing for our road trip out to Nyssa, Oregon and then to Blackfoot, Idaho!
We are leaving on the 11th early in the morning and should be in Nyssa by around 1 in the afternoon for my Uncle John's birthday. My Uncle Buddy is also going to be up there and I am so excited to see him because he was our cool uncle, probably because is such a big kid. I am so excited too because I get to spend time with my Aunt Susanne who is just a doll.

Then in Blackfoot on the 12th-14th for a family reunion on Brandon's side of the family. I am not exactly sure what is all going to go down but Brandon will get to spend some much needed time with his family and introduce me to some of his relatives I have not met. I am thinking he should introduce me as the blue Armstrong as that popped up during the last election since I am the black sheep or rather blue sheep of his family in that aspect. 

Anyways, we are both doing well. Brandon has to teach church alone tomorrow since I am going to sacrament at the assisted living facility for senior citizens here in town. I was asked to sing for them which is not something I would normally say yes to but I mean how do you turn down performing for all those nice folks?

That is about all that is going on. Wish us luck on our travels!
Ada B. B. A

Saturday, June 29, 2013

News of the Week

Hello everyone! 
So this week has been somewhat uneventful but alas. The weather is a nightmare in Heber. It has been in the high 90's for several days which just makes you sweat constantly. We do not have central AC and the only room in the house with a working Air Conditioner...well that air conditioner finally broke. My dad just last night replaced it so hopefully there can be one sanctuary here. 

This week one of my favorite games finally got the long awaited EP out. 

This EP is probably my favorite Sims 3 EP. It has added boats and scuba diving and the new world is just massive. I love it. There are still some glitches that they need to iron out but overall I am happy with it. 

Brandon also pre-ordered the game he is super excited for:
He loved the first two games and this one is looking to be maybe not as good as those two but still really fun. He has also been helping my brother play through Lego Harry Potter Years 1-7 as well as the Last of Us for the PS3. I will soon be helping my brother with Lego Lord of the Rings and then when we get Lego Marvel at the end of this year we will probably help my brother get those trophies as well. 

Brandon's work has been going well. He is going to be working overtime the week of the 4th which is fine since I am not a big firework fan anyways. All this is leading up to us leaving for Oregon on the 11 to visit my Aunt Susanne and Uncle's John and Buddy. I am so excited to see them even if it is just for a day. Afterwards we will head down to Idaho for a reunion on Brandon's side of the family. It should keep us pretty busy for a while. 

I am going in on Monday to try to finish all I need to do for my Financial Aid for Fall Semester as well. Just lots more paperwork as always. I hope I get grants this Fall since they are supposedly cutting pell grants but any help is better than no help at all. 

The last two things that happened this week were bank related and hair related. First, I decided to dye my hair. I get bored being a color for more than a year so I like to change it up. I dyed my hair last night to a nice reddish brown blonde mix. It sounds weird but it turned out really nice. I am really happy with it. 

And lastly, the bank closed my account today because I had a 0.00 balance. I am so grateful my parents helped me out by lending me a few dollars to open it back up. It is such a pain when they do not warn you that they have this policy and you check your account only to find it closed. I flipped out and wanted to cry but the Lord has always provided a way so long as we are righteous. It was a blessing my parents help me out. They are seriously the best parents in the whole world and I am lucky to have them and wonderful brothers, a wonderful husband who loves me way way too much and two pugdorable dogs. 

That's all for now

Ada B. B. A

The last of SAS

So the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is coming to an end. I have gotten stocked up on everything I will need until the January sale. I got a ton of shower gels which I use the most of as well as some lotions and body sprays. I lucked out in finding some of my favorite scents (Country Apple, Aruba Coconut, Rio Rumberry)  and found some new scents I absolutely love(Berry Flirt!) For the first time as well I bought candles at BB&W. I never use candles so I never really floated over to that section of the store but this year I started to browse and I have found some divine ones. Here are the last of the favorite finds for this SAS.

Berry Flirt Shimmering Body Spray:
The bottle for this is pretty big for a spray and it leaves your skin sparkly like any other shimmering spray. The scent is to die for though. It is this beautiful fun berry scent that is more of a strawberry/raspberry scent than say a blackberry or deeper berry scent. It is a great spring/summer smell that to me feels like the perfect picnic out in the park scent. 

Market Peach:
I have heard rave reviews for this scent online. I watched haul videos where ladies stocked up on this scent but again, I never buy candles so I wasn't sure. However, in the store the other day I was pleasantly surprised by just how juicy and fresh this scent smells. It really does smell like that juicy ripe peach.  

Sun Rippened Raspberry:
This is an old favorite. I found it in junior high or something and I wore it for a while. The shower gel is my favorite version. It makes the whole bathroom smell like raspberries. 

Watermelon Lemonade Candle: 
This smells amazing. It kinda reminds me of a jolly rancher. I bought the mini ones as gifts and it would make a great kitchen or dining room scent. It is so fresh and fun. 

Paris Daydream:
Oh my gosh. This candle sold me on the BB&W candles. It is the best smelling candle. It reminds me a lot of this cologne called Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Very fresh and with some great water notes with a hint of citrus. It is such a sexy smelling candle. It is great for cologne lovers or for when you want to set the mood. I am going to have to buy more once our candle runs out. 

Starting on July 8th they will be releasing the new Chill collection for the Summer. The products all look great and the two I have smelled (White Mango and Coconut Waters) are both fantastic. I love all that I got this year and I look forward to many more SAS's to come. 

Ada B.B.A

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Film Review: Man of Steel

This is the beginning of my series on film reviews. As my wife has mentioned, I am quite the film buff. Anyway, here's my first review: Man of Steel, which I saw today. Ada did not come along, because she was disinterested in seeing this particular film.

My review can be found here: